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White Ghanaian is where you come to buy Raw Shea Butter from Ghana. This Shea Butter is raw, organic, unprocessed and unrefined. We sell both the white (off-white, ivory) and yellow (golden) raw shea butter in the USA. Home Raw Shea Butter is naturally off-white with nothing added. However, when Borututu root is added then it gives the off-white raw shea butter a yellow or golden color. The Borututu root does not take away from it but adds tremendous nutrients to the raw shea butter, the shea butter is still raw, unrefined and pure. Our focus is on using Raw Shea Butter as the healthy cooking oil and traditional baby lotion since most consumers already know shea butter as moisturizing body butter. AH3B NGO benefits from Raw Shea Butter profits. 51% goes to fulfill the mission of AH3B.ORG, a 501 (c) (3) Non- Profit.

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Food blog based on cooking with Shea Butter. That is Raw Shea Butter is the MOST HEALTHY COOKING OIL, SHEA OIL.

Shea Butter for cooking is ONLY ‘Raw Shea Butter’ as mentioned on this website.

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Shea Butter

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Shea Butter © raw shea butter with borututu root is an all over mosturizer with anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties. This premium butter contains vitamin A D E K and improves the longevity of kidney and liver function. Shea Butter © is grown and sourced from small local villages in Ghana, West Africa. In the early morning, the woman travel into the forest to collect the shea nuts from shea trees. These nuts are hand pounded, mixed and processed to bring out the finest butter. During the processing, raw borututu root from borututu tree is added. This root adds extra vitamins and has healing properties. The root is also responsible for giving Shea Butter Baby© its glowing yellow or gold color, which will give your skin a sun kissed glow. Stay blessed and Enjoy! Share with your family and friends!



shea butter - healthy cooking oil

Healthy Cooking Oil


Raw Shea Butter which is off white, white or ivory in color. Best and healthy as cooking oil, frying oil , deep frying oil and baking lard. 1lbs or 16oz

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