Introduction to Raw Shea Butter as healthy and best cooking oil

Raw Shea Butter gotten from the fruit of the Shea tree is the best and healthy cooking oil hands down. Shea tree grows all throughout the African countries located by the savanna belt. In Liberia, raw shea butter is called donut oil yes “donut oil”. The raw shea butter is saturated oil and can boil to high temperatures without smoking. It does not spit at you when you fry donut in it.

The donut or chicken will not be greasy. It does not take over the taste of the donut. There is vitamins A D E K that God already put in the raw shea butter that you gain when you eat foods fried in raw shea butter

What We Do

White Ghanaian is where you come to buy Raw Shea Butter from Ghana. This Shea Butter is raw, wild, organic, unprocessed, unrefined, no chemical, non gmo and no spray. We sell both the white (off-white, ivory) and yellow (golden) raw shea butter in the USA. Home Raw Shea Butter is naturally off-white with nothing added. However, when Borututu root is added then it gives the off-white raw shea butter a yellow or golden color. The Borututu root does not take away from it but adds tremendous nutrients to the raw shea butter, the shea butter is still raw, unrefined and pure. Our focus is on using Raw Shea Butter as the healthy cooking oil and traditional baby lotion since most consumers already know shea butter as moisturizing body butter. AH3B NGO benefits from Raw Shea Butter profits. 51% goes to fulfill the mission of AH3B.ORG, a 501 (c) (3) Non- Profit.

Check out 57 uses and benefits of Raw Shea Butter!

Food blog based on cooking with Shea Butter. That is Raw Shea Butter is the MOST HEALTHY COOKING OIL, SHEA OIL.

Shea Butter for cooking is ONLY ‘Raw Shea Butter’ as mentioned on this website.

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Shea Butter babyTop 10 naturally organic beauty products 2019

Shea Butter

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Raw Shea Butter combined with Raw Palm Oil. 16oz or 1lbs. This premium butter contains vitamin A D E K and more uses.

shea butter - healthy cooking oil

Healthy Cooking Oil


Raw Shea Butter which is off white, white or ivory in color. Best and healthy as cooking oil, frying oil , deep frying oil and baking lard. 1lbs. FREE SHIPPING!

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