57 Uses and Benefits of Raw Shea Butter

57 Uses and Benefits of Raw Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter is known worldwide for its uses and benefits. I will show you 57 uses and benefits of raw shea butter. I hope you learn something new. 

Do You Use Raw Shea Butter?

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Generally, raw shea butter is popularly known as body butter and for the hair but you will be introduced to using raw shea butter as healthy cooking oil for your food and many other uses discovered. Raw Shea Butter naturally has Vitamins A D E and K in it already put there by God before we were born. Shea tree is an ancient tree.

57 uses and benefits of Raw Shea Butter have been put into 5 categories believe it or not: Hair, Body, Food, Medicine and Babies.

  • Hair
    1. Raw Shea Butter gives a natural glow for hair of babies and everybody.
    2. It thickens any type of hair strand depending on how you apply to it.
    3. It conditions your hair strand.
    4. It keeps your God giving hair shine perfectly.
    5. The raw Shea butter prevents hair breakage.
    6. It is a hair moisturizing mask.
    7. It moisturizes dry scalp.
    8. It improves brittle hair.

57 Uses and Benefits of Raw Shea Butter



  • Body (same value as sebaceous gland secreted by your skin)

9. Raw Shea Butter prevents stretch marks and can get rid of stretch marks.

10. It maintains skin natural glow.
11. It is the most healthy body butter for all ages.
12. It reduces cellulite.
13. Raw Shea Butter reduces body aches and tension.
14. It is definitely anti-aging.
15. It definitely prevents wrinkles.
16. Raw Shea Butter generates new cell growth since it has same value as the sebaceous gland secreted by your skin.
17. It is best for applying to the gorgeous before and after strenuous workouts.
18. It takes care of blemish i.e raw Shea butter prevents and fades blemishes.
19. It is a perfect chap stick for them lips.
20. It helps frost bite.
21. It is best for uv protection and gives aloe vera competition when it comes to uv protection.
22. Raw Shea Butter cures sun burn.
23. It cures sun blisters.
24. It perfects a healthy skin.
25. It relieves itching skin.
26. It fights muscle fatigue.
27. Raw Shea Butter is best makeup primer and my beautiful wife discovered this. Now she uses only raw shea butter for her face and no more make-up.
28. It serves as cuticle cream and softens the cuticle.
29. It serves as shaving cream for a smooth silky shave.
30. It alleviates skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak.
31. Raw Shea Butter heals skin cracks.
32. It heals dry skin.
33. It heals skin damage to high heat.
34. It heals skin peeling after tanning.
35. It alleviates skin rashes.
36. Raw Shea Butter heals rough skin on feet.
38. It helps prevent bed sores.
39. Raw Shea Butter is a wonderful massage oil.
40. It keeps tattoos from fading away.


  • Food
    41. I recommend Raw Shea Butter as the best and healthy Cooking oil.shea butter - healthy cooking oil 42. It is amazing deep and shallow frying oil, hence, it is called donut oil in Liberia, best oil for frying koose or akara, donut pancakes, pork chops, chicken, stew, beef, eggs, plantains, ripe plantains, fish etc. It’s not greasy and has nutritional value. It has a high boiling point and does not spit at you like coconut oil. Raw shea oil (Raw shea butter melted) browns your food naturally. It gives your chicken, pancake, ripe plantain, beef and others beautiful golden color. Raw shea oil does not take over the taste of your food. Your food fried in raw shea oil will still taste like whatever you are frying. I want you to take note. Raw shea oil according to customers does not get rancid frying or boiling at very high temperatures. Most consumers do not know that raw shea oil is a very healthy and phenomenal oil with so much nutritional value for sure to cook and fry your food with.
    43. Please use as healthy baking lard for your baking goods such as bread, cakes, cookies and pastry.



  • Vitamin A
  • Stearic acid (30-41)%
  • oleic acids (45-50)%
  • palmitic (5-9)%
  • linoleic acid (4-5)%
  • Vitamins E
  • Saturated fatty acids like coconut oil
  • Raw Shea Butter contains zero cholesterol, zero protein, zero carbohydrate, zero sugars.


  • Medicine
    44. Raw Shea Butter is full of Vitamins A D E  and K and probably more.
    45. Raw Shea Butter with Borututu enhances the longevity of kidney and liver functions.
    46. It can cure anti-aging skin and skin cells.
    47. The raw Shea butter with Borututu root fights tumor activity.
    48. It cures dermatitis a skin disorder.
    49. It cures eczema. This is well- known function of raw Shea Butter. Eczema is cured faster if Borututu root is added to the raw shea butter. The raw shea butter, off-white color still cures eczema though.
    50. It cures sinus infection and runny nose by melting the raw shea butter into oil and ingesting a drop into the nostrils. Grandmothers did this to babies and it still works today.
    51. It relieves insect bites from irritation.
    52. Raw Shea Butter with Borututu root helps detox kidneys, gallbladder and the liver.
    53. It cures skin cancer for sure. We have a testimonial from 2 customers who had skin cancer cells, tried it and in 2 weeks skin cancer cells diminished by 80% and eventually healed 100%.
    54. It heals small skin wounds and skin scrapes or scratches.

  • Babies
    55. Your healthy baby needs Perfect Baby lotion and that is Raw Shea Butter.
    56. It prevents diaper rash. I have 2 babies and I apply the raw shea butter after their bath and believe it or not they never get diaper rash for sure.
    57. It is perfect for baby scalp and hair because it is unrefined, unprocessed, no chemical added. This is butter made from shea fruit.

57 uses of Raw Shea Butter is what you can see here and when you find some more let us know.

By Joshua Anquandah

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  • Daniel Dadzie Appiah

    These benefits ate direct to the point. I knew some of the benefits but you just highlighted some of the benefit I have enjoyed but didn’t know it was from the Raw Shear Butter. Thanks for this research and write up.


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