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Shea Butter


Shea Butter © raw shea butter with borututu root is an all over mosturizer with anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties. This premium butter contains vitamin A D E K and improves the longevity of kidney and liver function. Shea Butter © is grown and sourced from small local villages in Ghana, West Africa. In the early morning, the woman travel into the forest to collect the shea nuts from shea trees. These nuts are hand pounded, mixed and processed to bring out the finest butter. During the processing, raw borututu root from borututu tree is added. This root adds extra vitamins and has healing properties. The root is also responsible for giving Shea Butter Baby© its glowing yellow or gold color, which will give your skin a sun kissed glow. Stay blessed and Enjoy! Share with your family and friends!



History of Shea tree

Grows in Ghana, and other African countries around the savanna belt. Shea tree is called tree of life. It is one of the main industry in the Northern Ghana if not the main industry. Stretching from Liberia to Sudan to foothills of Ethiopia. Shea Butter Business is left as business for the local women to do in Northern Ghana. The whole tree is absolutely useful and beneficial. The Shea tree bears the Shea fruit and from which RAW SHEA BUTTER is derived from its seed. Probably harvested June July a lot. That is rain season in Ghana. Shea grows in the wild. Shea tree is also known as karate tree. Queen of Sheba is said to have used it. Also, jars of shea butter being transported during Cleopatra’s reign. Tree used for making coffins for early chiefs or kings in Africa. It is an ancient tree. Shea Butter botanical name is butyrospermum parkii.


How to make Raw Shea Butter
1. Women collect shea fruit early in the morning before the sun comes up usually after the wind blows (storm) the shea fruit to the ground the night before.

2. Seeds from the fruits are dried under the sun in troughs

3. Seeds are then crushed and milled into powder. Sometimes pounded.

4. The women hand mix the milled shea seed with water for several hours. Mixing the water helps retrieve more oil.

5. Finally, it is put in a big pot. The pot is then put on fire made with charcoal (charcoal fetched from forest) to cook. Charcoal helps with the scent better than firewood.

6. A woman keeps constantly stirring the shea mixture as its cooking. It is stirred until the Raw Shea Butter separates at the top. The Raw Shea Butter at the top is fetched into a bucket and that gives us RAW SHEA BUTTER. It is hot oil so in a liquid form. When it cools off it turns into solid like the characteristic of any oil butter. The remnant at the bottom can heal upset when you drink it. The Raw Shea Butter appears off white or ivory color when it hardens.

7. The best time to add borututu root is after shea butter is cooked out. Borututu root is added to give yellow or golden color with tremendous amazing benefits such added extra vitamins.


1. Original raw Shea Butter is off white or ivory color.
2. It has a nutty smell to it.
3. It is butter
4. It will melt into liquid when temperature is hot
5. It will turn soft when temperature is warm
6. It will solidify when the temperature is cold
7. Yellow Raw Shea Butter has either Borututu root mixed in it or palm oil.
8. It is an oil
9. Anti-inflamatory
10. Antioxidative
11. Moisturizer
12. It is saturated oil and can withstand high heat



Hair, body, food, Vitamins ADEK, same value as sebaceous gland secreted by your skin

1. Natural glow for babies and everybody
2. Thickens your strand
3. Conditions your strand
4. It gives your hair shine
5. Prevents hair breakage
6. Hair moisturizing mask
7. Moisturizes dry scalp
8. Improves brittle hair

9. Prevent stretch marks and get rid of stretch marks
10. Natural glow
11. Body butter for all
12. Reduces cellulite
13. Reduces aches and tension
14. Anti-aging
15. Prevents wrinkles
16. Generates new cell growth
17. For before and after strenuous workouts
18. Takes care of blemish i.e prevents and fades blemishes
19. Chap stick
20. helps frost bite
21. best for uv protection
22. cures sun burn
23. cures sun blisters
24. healthy skin
25. relieves itching skin
26. fights muscle fatigue
27. makeup primer
28. cuticle cream, softens cuticle
29. shaving cream for a smooth silky shave
30. alleviates skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak
31. heals skin cracks
32. heals dry skin
33. heals skin damage to high heat
34. heals skin peeling after tanning
35. alleviates skin rashes
36. heals rough skin on feet
38. Helped prevent bed sores.
39. Wonderful as massage oil
40. Keeps tattoos from fading

41. Cooking oil
42. Frying oil: It is called donut oil in Liberia, best oil for frying koose or akara, donut pancakes, pork chops, chicken, stew, beef etc. It’s not greasy and has nutritional value.
43. Baking lard

44. Vitamins A D E K
45. Longevity of kidney and liver functions (with Borututu root)
46. Anti-aging
47. Fights tumor activity (with Borututu root)
48. Cures dermatitis
49. Cure eczema
50. Cures sinus infection and runny nose
51. relieves insect bites
52. helps detox kidneys, gallbladder and liver (with Borututu)
53. cures skin cancer
54. heals small skin wounds

55. Perfect Baby lotion
56. Prevents diaper rash
57. Perfect for baby scalp and hair

Vitamin A
Stearic acid (30-41)%
oleic acids (45-50)%
palmitic (5-9)%
linoleic acid (4-5)%
Vitamins E
Saturated fatty acids like coconut oil

Raw Shea Butter contains zero cholesterol, zero protein, zero carbohydrate, zero sugars.


By Joshua Anquandah

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3 reviews for Shea Butter

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    So moisturizing for my body. It’s so good on my hair too.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Yes I did! And it is wonderful!
    I received it a week ago on a day I was experiencing burning, itching and pain from athletes foot. I applied the shea and within an hour the pain was almost gone. By evening the itch and burning were gone. The next morning half the redness was gone. I like the texture as it is firm but not hard like others I have used in the past. I love this product.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michele Obama (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF. This product is AMAZING!! I stopped wearing makeup and my skin was looking dull and aged. After using this particular yellow shea butter for 2 weeks, my skin suddenly became bright and full of life. I no longer wear make EVER; just yellow shea butter. Also, I had stretch marks on my stomach from being pregnant with my son. Nothing would get them to go away. I tried coconut oil, olive oil, expensive creams and hemp lotion. Nothing worked to get rid of the ugly stretch marks. Since I saw such an amazing result on my face I started to put this on my stomach every day. After about a month, the stretch marks were completely gone!!! Seriously a really great purchase. I will continue to use this shea butter, because it truly is anti-aging and skin repairing.

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