Raw Shea Butter is the Best Cooking Oil

best cooking oilIntroduction to raw shea butter as healthy and best cooking oil

Raw Shea Butter gotten from the fruit of the Shea tree is the best and healthy cooking oil hands down. Shea tree grows all throughout the African countries located by the savanna belt. In Liberia, raw shea butter is called donut oil yes “donut oil”. The raw shea butter is saturated oil and can boil to high temperatures without smoking. It does not spit at you when you fry donut in it.

Why shea butter is a healthier cooking oil for you

The donut or chicken will not be greasy. It does not take over the taste of the donut. There is vitamins A D E K that God already put in the raw shea butter that you gain when you eat foods fried in raw shea butter. In Ghana, a delicacy called “koose” or “akara” is best fried in raw shea butter. “Koose” or “akara”  koose or akara is simply donut made using beans (black-eyed peas) made into flour with other ingredients of your choice. We have fried ripe plantain, chicken name it and they taste delicious. We all know shea butter has been marketed heavily as a perfect body butter all through stores worldwide but for your information raw shea butter has several uses and one important uses has always been using raw shea butter as cooking oil especially where shea trees originate.

An amazing characteristic observed when frying with the shea oil is that when you place uncooked donut (food) in the oil, the oil foams and when its done cooking foaming goes away. The raw shea oil tells you “koose” or chicken is done. The raw shea oil does not spit like coconut oil. I believe it is the best and healthy oil for you with all the Vitamins. Check back for recipes that you can use shea oil for.

For cooking,

I recommend the use of white (off white) raw shea butter. You can purchase here. This helps us.


By Joshua Anquandah

Raw Shea Butter – White Ghanaian

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