Shea Butter FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Whenever Shea Butter is used in this article I am referring to RAW SHEA BUTTER. Shea Butter FAQs.


  1. Where can one purchase raw shea butter? whiteghanian or African market, Ghana, AH3B.


  1. Would raw shea butter treat bed bug bites? Yes, raw shea butter helps with the itchiness but not pest control.


  1. What is the consistency of raw shea butter? It’s a saturated fat which depends on room temperature. If it is hot raw shea butter will melt into liquid, and if cold it will harden into solid.


  1. Can one cook with raw shea butter? Yes, preferably the white (offwhite or ivory color) raw shea butter. 


  1. Does raw shea butter treat skin cancer? Yes, raw shea butter with Borututu root


  1. Can I use raw shea butter on my hair? Yes ofcourse!


  1. Is shea butter edible? Yes, of course it should be consumed RAW or 100% unrefined shea butter and thats what we sell.


  1. Can shea butter cause diarrhea? No.


  1. Is lanolin in shea butter? I don’t think so, but shea butter helps with circulation.


  1. How is shea butter made? Raw shea butter is gotten from shea tree. The fruit from shea tree is harvested. The seeds from the fruit are sun dried, crushed and milled. Water is added to the milled shea seeds and hand mixed until fine. It is then cooked (boiled) whiles being stirred at the same time. Raw shea oil comes on top then you have your shea oil. When the shea oil cools off then it becomes raw shea butter which is offwhite or ivory color. Borututu root is boiled in it for the yellow shea butter.


  1. Is shea butter a nut? Raw shea butter comes from shea nut. The shea nut aka shea kernels is from the shea fruit.


  1. Does shea butter contain metal? No.


  1. Scientific name for shea butter? Vitellaria paradoxa or Butyrospermum parkii.


  1. Which cream uses shea butter? Most creams like cocoa butter because shea butter is a moisturizing butter.


  1. Do fleas like shea butter? I don’t know.


  1. Is carrageenan in shea butter? No.


  1. Is raw shea butter a probiotic? No, but it helps keep probiotic and feeds good bacteria.


  1. Is shea butter a detangler? Yes.


  1. Where is shea butter originated from? Shea butter is native to African countries. Shea fruit from Shea trees in Ghana, and other African countries.


  1. Can you combine shea butter with other oils? Yes, like olive, coconut, frankincense, myrrh, palm oil, jojoba, argan, neem, lavender etc.


  1. Can shea butter treat eczema? Yes, it heals it actually.


  1. Is shea butter good for soap making? Yes, best for hydrating skin after bath or shower and a great moisturizer.


  1. What is the difference between yellow shea butter and white shea butter? White raw shea butter has nothing added straight from the shea kernel, but yellow raw shea butter has borututu root which gives it yellow or golden color. Both are raw shea butter.    Shea Butter FAQs- Raw Shea Butter


  1. Is shea butter an oil for acne? Acne is caused by unhealthy gut first of all. Eat healthy and wash your face and put on raw shea butter to get rid of acne. Don’t forget to drink water regularly. SB helps treat scars.


  1. How good is shea butter for my toddler? Excellent for your toddler’s body and hair, prevents diaper rash, prevents runny nose, discover more here.


  1. How can shea butter help my baby? Excellent for your baby’s skin and hair, prevents diaper rash, prevents runny nose, learn more.


  1. Is shea butter good for my oily skin? Yes, Perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES, learn more.


  1. What Vitamins is in raw shea butter? Vitamins A D E K.


  1. What is shea butter travel size? Check with your airline, depends but if it is hard or in solid form like coconut oil you can travel with it on you into the plane as carry-on.


  1. What is whipped raw shea butter? When you beat raw shea butter into froth or basically whisking air into the shea butter.

Shea Butter FAQs.

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